gvirstor final (hopefully)

Patrick Tracanelli eksffa at freebsdbrasil.com.br
Wed Apr 25 19:11:30 UTC 2007

Ivan Voras escreveu:
> With the recently implemented BIO delaying in gvirstor (that is, IO 
> requests will be delayed unconditionally when there's not enough 
> physical space in the virstor device, until more providers are added), I 
> think gvirstor is ready to be committed to the CVS tree.
> So, interested people are encouraged to test it once again, and see if 
> they can break it in new and exciting ways  :)
> gvirstor is available as a simple tarball at 
> http://wiki.freebsd.org/gvirstor (read the README before trying) and in 
> the Perforce (branch ivoras_gvirstor).
> If all turns out well, I'll find someone to get it committed.
> (gvirstor is a geom "overcommit" class - allows creation of virtual 
> storage devices of arbitrary sizes backed by limited physical storage. 
> It has been sponsored by Google in Google Summer of Code 2006.)
> gvirstor currently works on both 6-STABLE and 7-CURRENT.

I got something wrong:

# make
# make so
# make install
# ./gvirstor load

(everything did right up to this point here)

# ./gvirstor label -v -s 2097152 gvhome /dev/ad3s1d
Unknown command: label
usage: gvirstor help
        gvirstor list [name ...]
        gvirstor status [-s] [name ...]
        gvirstor load [-v]
        gvirstor unload [-v]
Exit 1

It is a 6.2-STABLE from 3 days ago. Seems doesnt

Patrick Tracanelli

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