Thinkpad T43 and projector problem

Randall Stewart rrs at
Mon Apr 23 12:13:03 UTC 2007


Ok, I have done a bit more playing with my projector here
at home and I figured out how to project out of my T43..

Turns out.. its a catch 22 scenario..

Basically when I last upgraded my X11 stack, in order to
get the machine not to crash when you exit X and restart it
you have to disable a little option in xorg.conf

So you replace in

Section "Module"

Load dri
#Load dri

Thus your crash goes away.. well guess what module does the
beamer stuff... yep.. you guessed it dri..

So if I want to project I can uncomment the line.. restart
X11.. login.. and now my beamer works.. I can display all
day long.. I just can't restart X.. if I log out (which causes
X/Xdm to restart).. you panic..

So I guess the work around until the panic is fixed.. is to keep
it off.. and then if you really have to display stuff.. then
turn it on.. and restart.. with the idea that you are facing
a panic/fsck when you log out :-(

I do have a core for the drm panic now... if someone
is working in that area.. its a blown stack..

kgdb does not like it very much.. I did write down
the ip/sp and ebp.. but the esp/ebp are unaccessable

The eip is 0xc090684c which translates to:
0xc090684c is in pmap_mapdev_attr (../../../i386/i386/pmap.c:3355).

But of course that does not help much ..

If anyone wants to play.. let me know and I will share
what I have with them :-D

Randall Stewart
NSSTG - Cisco Systems Inc.
803-345-0369 <or> 803-317-4952 (cell)

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