GPT as default?

Marcel Moolenaar xcllnt at
Sun Apr 22 22:20:06 UTC 2007

On Apr 22, 2007, at 1:59 PM, Dag-Erling Smørgrav wrote:

> It seems to me you're suffering from second system syndrome.  Forget
> points 1, 3 and 4 and focus on getting the job done and rescuing what
> credibility you have left.


> If g_part implements all the necessary verbs, it should only take a
> few hours to write a geom(8) plugin for it.

Do it. Stop being an arrogant prick and put your money where your
mouth is. Your input has so far only been good for a laugh, which
doesn't really advance FreeBSD. Hell, you may actually end up
being able to tell me you told me so. It seems to me that that's
of great personal value to you.

Marcel Moolenaar
xcllnt at

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