battery status report broken on Acer 5024WLMi in latest -current

Gaspar Chilingarov casper at
Sun Apr 22 20:38:48 UTC 2007

I've upgrated recently (probably from mid-Feb/march beginning -current)
and lost battery status reporting on my laptop. I had it before :)

All timeouting issues are solved by debug.acpi.pollint_timeout and etc, 
but issue with battery still stands.

battery0: error fetching current battery status -- AE_NOT_EXIST
ACPI Error (evregion-0427): No handler for Region [RAM_] 
(0xffffff0000a6d680) [EmbeddedControl] [20070320]
ACPI Error (exfldio-0390): Region EmbeddedControl(3) has no handler 
ACPI Error (psparse-0626): Method parse/execution failed 
[\\_SB_.PCI0.LPC0.EC0_.GBST] (Node 0xffffff0000a52680), AE_NOT_EXIST
ACPI Error (psparse-0626): Method parse/execution failed 
[\\_SB_.PCI0.LPC0.EC0_.BAT0._BST] (Node 0xffffff0000a52540), AE_NOT_EXIST

Could I help somehow to debug/solve this problem?

ASL dump located at

Thanks in advance,
Gaspar Chilingarov

System Administrator,
Network security consulting

t +37493 419763 (mob)
i 63174784
e nm at

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