GPT as default?

Ivan Voras ivoras at
Sun Apr 22 17:15:20 UTC 2007

Marcel Moolenaar wrote:

> GPT (like APM) has labels, which we should propagate. It's not a
> priority for me, but I presume that it shouldn't be too difficult
> to interface with geom_label.

No, in this case geom_part should export the labels - because it reads
and handles the partition geoms.

This would probably require some smart handling, such as exporting both
/dev/xxxp0 and /dev/gpt/guid, and then when one of these is opened, kill
(remove from /dev) the other.

>> Alternative is to use GUIDs, like some Linuxes do, so we have entries
>> like /dev/gpt/38a52be4-9352-453e-af97-5c3b448652f0
> I've thought about that too, but again it's not a priority. It takes
> me long enough as it is to adopt the new world order that other
> features have to wait :-)

Ok. Are you interested in finishing the remaining bits for GPT soon-ish? :)

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