[kde-freebsd] problem hal - k3b ?

Beni beni at brinckman.info
Sat Apr 21 14:51:29 UTC 2007

On Friday 20 April 2007 01:05:17 Michael Nottebrock wrote:
> I forwarded my mail to gnome@ (the HAL maintainers) after sending it and
> Joe Marcus Clarke from gnome@ had this to say on the issue:
> --- snip
> This should have been fixed a while ago by jylefort when he set the
> default device for ATAPI access to be the ATAPICAM device (as opposed to
> the ATA device).  Assuming you have not undone that change, and are
> running the latest version of HAL, these panics should not be occurring.
> Even still, you're right that these are not HAL bugs, but rather an
> issue in the kernel.  I use nautilus-cd-burner to burn CDs in GNOME, and
> I have never had such a panic on 6-STABLE.  n-c-b uses cdrecord, cdrao,
> and dvd-utils under the covers to do the actual device work.  Not sure
> what k3b is using, but maybe it diddles something it shouldn't.
> Joe
> --- snip
> Beni, Robert, Ganbold, are you all in fact running the latest version of
> the hal port and do you all have atapicam enabled in your kernel? If not,
> making sure of both might help avoiding the problem.

I'm having both 

# ATA and ATAPI devices
device		ata
device		atadisk		# ATA disk drives
device		ataraid		# ATA RAID drives
device		atapicd		# ATAPI CDROM drives
device		atapifd		# ATAPI floppy drives
device		atapist		# ATAPI tape drives
options 	ATA_STATIC_ID	# Static device numbering

# scsi-emulatie voor atatpi-cd
device		atapicam

in my kernel. My version of hal :
[beni at www ~]$ hald --version
HAL package version: 0.5.8
[beni at www ~]$

Thanks Adriaan for looking into this !


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