what's the best make.conf for current? How does developer dist translates into make.conf

Johan Hendriks Johan at double-l.nl
Thu Apr 19 15:32:27 UTC 2007

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Onderwerp: Re: what's the best make.conf for current? How does developer
dist translates into make.conf

If memory serves me right, Gelsema, P (Patrick) - FreeBSD wrote:
>> On Wed, April 18, 2007 09:27, Roman Divacky wrote:
>>> On Tue, Apr 17, 2007 at 11:19:19PM +0200, Gelsema, P (Patrick)
>>>> Hi,
>>>> When I install Freebsd from cd with Sysinstall I selected Developer
>>>> distribution. After cvsup-ping I went into make.conf and tried to
>>>> determine
>>>> what I want to build with buildworld.
>>>> I want to buildworld with the same settings chosen in sysinstall,
>>>> however I am
>>>> unable to find how developer translates into a make.conf.
>>>> Reviewing man sysinstall and google does not shed much light on the
>>>> matter.
>>>> Anyone to clarify this or know where to find?
>>> /usr/share/examples/etc/make.conf
>> Thanks,
>> I did have a look at this file yesterday, and I just checked cvsweb
>> to make sure I haven't missed anything.
>> The problem I have is that I want to buildworld with setlike
>> distributionset Developer as chosen in Sysinstall. I dont want to
>> things which I don't need.
>> Basically I am looking for the definitions of the distribution sets
>> sysinstall which I can use for make.conf.

>When we build releases, we build with an essentially empty make.conf
>file, which causes "everything" to get built.  The release creation
>Makefile (specifically src/release/Makefile) partitions the results
>the different distributions (such as base, catpages, manpages, etc.).
>sysinstall takes combinations of these distributions to make up the
>"Developer", "Kernel Developer", etc. distribution sets that get
>presented to you in the sysinstall menus.  Again none of this involves
>tweaking make.conf, which controls the build at a somewhat lower level.

>I think that you could probably approximate the "Developer"
>set by just setting NO_GAMES in /etc/make.conf.  That might not be
>exactly what you installed originally but it's probably close.
>Practically speaking, however, the games are very small compared to the
>rest of the base system, so if I were in your position I probably
>wouldn't bother trying to tweak the build like this.


Is this not set in /etc/src.conf for Current.
See man src.conf.

As far as I know that is the file to use now.
Also the syntax has changed to WITHOUT_xxxxxx = 

Johan Hendriks

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