when next FreeBSD 7.0 snapshot ?

Ken Smith kensmith at cse.Buffalo.EDU
Thu Apr 19 12:59:36 UTC 2007

On Wed, 2007-04-18 at 20:42 +0800, Rong-en Fan wrote:
> On 4/18/07, Andreas Klemm <andreas at freebsd.org> wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > is there something in the pipe ?
> >
> >         Andreas ///
> There is 200704 snapshot on ftp site, but I think
> Ken forgets to announce it?
> Regards,
> Rong-En Fan

Sorry about that.  I got a bit distracted trying to get images with ZFS
in them. :-)

The snapshots are done now.  For the amd64, i386, and sparc64
architectures the ones with "normal" names got done just before ZFS was
added to the tree.  For amd64 and i386 the ones that have "-ZFS" in the
names (e.g. 7.0-CURRENT-200704-ZFS-i386-disc1.iso) have the ZFS support
as it existed last weekend.  It should be functional (the kernel module
should load just fine) but there are still a few loose ends being
wrapped up (e.g. you will probably need to do an update of /usr/src
after install to have a complete src tree, sysinstall probably didn't
install the cddl/ directory for you).

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