change: configurable boot0 loader and configuration

Julian Elischer julian at
Wed Apr 18 19:50:11 UTC 2007

Julian Elischer wrote:
> Adrian Chadd wrote:
>> Here's a simple patch to allow boot0 parameters to be configured.
>> My test embedded boxes have a VGA console which I'd like to use during
>> development/debugging.
>> Comments?
> NanoBSD is a PHK thing largely (I think)
> I've used tinybsd (also in the repo) but not nanoBSD
> (try it it's quicker) :-)

sorry to -current.. I didn't realise that this was 
a generally readable message.
(I thought it was just to me as Adrian and I are friends
and we have a current mail exchange going on which I thought this
was a part of).
I did not mean to imply that NanoBSD was not good 
especially mot due to any PHK connection, just that I 
was not a good person to 
review his change and that maybe phk might be
a better choice of reviewer. I only realised 
that his email was going to -current when I got my reply
back through -current..

Sorry for the noise and especially I apologise to PHK if it looks
as if I am saying that nanoBSD is not good because he 
is connected with it.. That was not what I meant to say at all.


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