Lenovo X60 em workaround

Henrik Brix Andersen henrik at brixandersen.dk
Tue Apr 17 23:25:56 UTC 2007

Hi Jack,

On Sat, Jan 20, 2007 at 02:35:17PM -0800, Jack Vogel wrote:
>  saying its known to be a problem doesnt mean its cause is known :)
>  They discovered that setting this eliminated the problem, but we
>  immediately pointed out that this is, as you pointed out, a Bad
>  Thing on other hardware, so the investigation continues, there is
>  always a communication lag on these kind of things, so I dont know
>  if it has been resolved yet or not.

I can confirm this patch solves the latency problem with em(4) on my
IBM/Lenovo ThinkPad X60s.

Any news about a proper solution to this issue?

Henrik Brix Andersen <henrik at brixandersen.dk>
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