Some comments on ZFS

Joerg t tjoerg at
Tue Apr 17 00:04:40 UTC 2007

> There is something weird - Just ran same test again to see whether it
> was a fluke - it still take 1h12 - however I saw the oppersite of Joerg.
> The "systat -vm" Freemem was permently on 2,2GB - this on a 4GB
> system that normally shows a 1,2GB - or less after a buildworld.

> hmm. Pawel are there tests that can help? 

also how can we determine the real memory consumption by zfs,arc and  his  vfs cache share  ?

how can we precisely instrument zfs ?

i am experiencing very high memory usage on all of my four boxes with zfs,
some eventually panic or lockup on higher load patterns  because of this. disabling zfs bring them to normal behaviour.

thanks for all our work on bringing zfs to FreeBSD Pawel, zfs is really nice!

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