Some comments on ZFS

Joerg t tjoerg at
Mon Apr 16 19:05:56 UTC 2007

> My system shows significant worse performance with ZFS - I suspect that this 
> is because the devices are part of a ATAPI-RAID 0  already

> but here is the story - A

> UFS + Softupdates -  

 > make -j 4 buildworld - app. 24 Min (Debugging kernel)

> ZFS same command but with usr/obj on ZFS 

> make -j 4 buildworld - app. 1h12m

> The weird thing is that one sees some fantastic peak transfer numbers e.g.
> up to 112MB/s - Compression is off

I'm also seeing a very odd behavior  regarding  memory consumption,
with src and obj under zfs (different filesystems, same pool, compression off) the system begin to wire all memory and swap tops 1GB. Maybe there's something trashing memory on zfs ? 

this is a 1GB pentium 4 HT enabled box.
building a debug enabled kernel to help figure things out.

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