CFT: new trunk(4)

Shteryana Shopova syrinx at
Sun Apr 15 11:55:22 UTC 2007

On 4/13/07, Andre Oppermann <andre at> wrote:
> Andrew Thompson wrote:
> > I can see this topic coming up again so it could save some time to
> > rename the driver now. It would mean that we lose the naming link to the
> > same driver in OpenBSD but you cant win em all.
> >
> > Some names that have been suggested are:
> >
> > linkag(4)
> > agr(4)
> > bond(4)   <- same as linux
> >
> > Any suggestions!
> lacp(4)++

LACP == Link Aggregation Control Protocol - dynamic trunking - one of
the modes trunk(4) supports. And it's Cisco vs the rest of the world
where Cisco calls a trunk multiple VLANs over single physical
interface and the rest of the world calls a trunk multiple physical
interafces bundled together. We don't have to necessarily agree with
Cisco. Please keep the current name.


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