iwi0: could not load boot firmware iwi_bss

Jeremie Le Hen jeremie at le-hen.org
Thu Apr 12 22:23:33 UTC 2007

Hi, Max,

On Sun, Apr 01, 2007 at 06:53:40PM +0100, Max Laier wrote:
> Jeremie, can you provide kern.osreldate and a bit more information about 
> your setup?  i.e. what's in your loader.conf?  There have been some 
> problems with firmware(9) in the past, that should be taken care of by 
> now.  Could you try to update to a more recent current?  Using the 
> firmware from base shouldn't hurt either.

I've upgraded my kernel this morning, and I still have the same
problem.  Loading iwi_bss first doesn't help.  I'm using the
iwifw module.

% jarjarbinks:~:102# cat /usr/src.jarjar/sys/CVS/Tag 
% D2007.

% kern.osreldate: 700037

% jarjarbinks:~:105# cat /boot/loader.conf
% hw.pci.allow_unsupported_io_range=1
% beastie_disable="YES"
% verbose_loading="YES"
% if_bge_load="YES"
% legal.intel_iwi.license_ack=1

As soon as I start devd(8) or wpa_supplicant(8), I get:

% iwi0: timeout waiting for iwi_bss firmware initialization to complete
% iwi0: could not load boot firmware iwi_bss

This time I've attached my kernel configuration file :-).

Note that I'm using Suleiman's stackgap and mmap_random patches,
but AFAIU this only affects userland, so I don't think this is
relevant in this case.  But in doubt:

Thank you.
Best regards,
Jeremie Le Hen
< jeremie at le-hen dot org >< ttz at chchile dot org >
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include		GENERIC		# 2007.

# First disable what I don't need.

nocpu		I486_CPU
nocpu		I586_CPU

nooption	INET6
nooption	NFSSERVER
nooption	NFS_ROOT
nooption	CD9660
nooption	GEOM_PART_GPT
nooption	GEOM_LABEL

nooption	SMP

nodevice	fdc
nodevice	ataraid
nodevice	atapifd
nodevice	atapist
nodevice	ahb
nodevice	ahc
nodevice	ahd
nodevice	amd
nodevice	isp
nodevice	mpt
nodevice	sym
nodevice	trm
nodevice	adv
nodevice	adw
nodevice	aha
nodevice	aic
nodevice	bt
nodevice	ncv
nodevice	nsp
nodevice	stg
nodevice	ch
nodevice	sa
nodevice	cd
nodevice	pass
nodevice	ses
nodevice	amr
nodevice	arcmsr
nodevice	asr
nodevice	ciss
nodevice	dpt
nodevice	hptmv
nodevice	rr232x
nodevice	iir
nodevice	ips
nodevice	mly
nodevice	twa
nodevice	aac
nodevice	aacp
nodevice	ida
nodevice	mfi
nodevice	mlx
nodevice	pst
nodevice	twe
# Serial port.
nodevice	sio
nodevice	uart
# Parallel port.
nodevice	ppc
nodevice	ppbus
nodevice	lpt
nodevice	plip
nodevice	ppi
# Network.
nodevice	de
nodevice	em
nodevice	ixgb
nodevice	le
nodevice	txp
nodevice	vx
nodevice	bce
nodevice	bfe
nodevice	bge
nodevice	dc
nodevice	fxp
nodevice	lge
nodevice	msk
nodevice	nge
nodevice	nve
nodevice	pcn
nodevice	re
nodevice	rl
nodevice	sf
nodevice	sis
nodevice	sk
nodevice	ste
nodevice	stge
nodevice	ti
nodevice	tl
nodevice	tx
nodevice	vge
nodevice	vr
nodevice	wb
nodevice	xl
nodevice	cs
nodevice	ed
nodevice	ex
nodevice	ep
nodevice	fe
nodevice	ie
nodevice	sn
nodevice	xe
# Wireless.
nodevice	wlan
nodevice	wlan_wep
nodevice	wlan_ccmp
nodevice	wlan_tkip
nodevice	an
nodevice	ath
nodevice	ath_hal
nodevice	ath_rate_sample
nodevice	awi
nodevice	ral
nodevice	wi
# Pseudo-devices.
nodevice	sl
nodevice	ppp
nodevice	faith
# USB.
nodevice	uhci
nodevice	ohci
nodevice	ehci
nodevice	usb
nodevice	ugen
nodevice	uhid
nodevice	ukbd
nodevice	ulpt
nodevice	umass
nodevice	ums
nodevice	ural
nodevice	urio
nodevice	uscanner
nodevice	aue
nodevice	axe
nodevice	cdce
nodevice	cue
nodevice	kue
nodevice	rue
nodevice	firewire
nodevice	sbp
nodevice	fwe

# Then add my own stuff.

makeoptions	MODULES_OVERRIDE="linux syscons fdc sound usb ums geom umass snp nullfs unionfs cd9660 cd9660_iconv wlan wlan_wep wlan_tkip wlan_ccmp wi iwi iwifw ral rl bge drm/drm drm/radeon firmware ext2fs crypto zlib acpi"
makeoptions	CPUTYPE="pentium-m"
makeoptions	CFLAGS="-O -pipe"


option		VESA

option		LIBICONV

#option		IPSEC
#option		IPSEC_ESP


device		apm

device		snp

device		pf
device		pflog
device		pfsync

option		IPDIVERT

option		DUMMYNET

device		vlan
device		tap
device		if_bridge

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