CFT: new trunk(4)

Arne Schwabe schwabe at
Wed Apr 11 21:50:43 UTC 2007

> Trunking is a way of combining multiple physical interfaces to increase
> the bandwidth.  Trunking multiple VLANs on a single interface doesn't
> make sense to me.
Cisco calls this Trunk (multiple vlans over one physical connection 
(with dot1q)). Combining multiple physical links is called channel. 
Maybe that is were the confusion comes from.

> At least some of the proprietary protocols
> are fairly dumb and just round-robin MAC addresses between the
> physical links rather than dynamically sharing traffic across the
> available links.  The former means that if most or all of your traffic
> is for a single MAC address, you don't actually gain anything by
> having multiple physical links.

I have seen things break if you do real round robin, some pxe boot stuff 
and other embedded tcp/ip stack which are intended for local network use 
only don't like if packets are out of order, which sometimes hapens with 
link aggration and somehting that is not ensuring the right order (with 
stupid hash for example).



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