Status update on COMPAT_43TTY [Was: script stuck in devdrn]

Ed Schouten ed at
Wed Apr 11 16:50:18 UTC 2007


* Robert Watson <rwatson at> wrote:
> Right now, kern.pts.enable defaults to 0, but it would be nice to set
> it to 1 as the default for 7.0.  Since it affects application
> behavior, it would be better to do this sooner rather than later in
> order to give both base system apps and ports a chance to settle out.

Talking about terminals; I submitted this article for the FreeBSD Status
Report (but it somehow ended in some kind of bit-bucket) about the
dependency of COMPAT_43TTY.

Some weeks ago I took a look at the list of ports that were using
<sgtty.h>, made by Kris last year. A lot of ports were quite easy to
fix, because they already included termios bits. Others only supported
sgtty and termio, but weren't hard to port.

Yesterday delphij@ committed some fixes for the (in my opinion) most
important port that was making use of the sgtty interface; OpenLDAP
(applications that display a password prompt). I guess a lot of people
can now live with a kernel that does not have COMPAT_43TTY anymore.

I created a PR, kern/110667, which contains a patch for the sgtty.h
header file to display a warning when it's included. I guess removing
COMPAT_43TTY from the GENERIC kernel config would be premature, because
not all ports are fixed yet (and there are still some PR's left).

I'd appreciate it if someone would take a look at the PR, because when
the warning is in place, I can search through existing pointyhat for
inclusions of the header file, so I can continue my work on porting the
remainder to termios. Thanks!

 Ed Schouten <ed at>
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