sysinstall issues

Jason Evans jasone at
Mon Apr 9 23:37:31 UTC 2007

I tried various methods for installing the March 2007 snapshot using PXE 
(no CD-ROM drive), but I ran into a combination of problems that made 
this seemingly impossible.

1) The keyboard stops working as soon as sysinstall launches.  This 
problem does not occur for the 6.2 snapshot, so there appears to be a 
regression.  Unless someone can suggest how to track this down in a 
reasonable amount of time though, I'm going to have to move on.

2) When booting with a serial console, the machine switches back to the 
vga console when sysinstall launches.  The 6.2 snapshot has the same 
problem.  Perhaps there is a bad interaction with pxeboot, but I'm not 
familiar enough with the boot process to know where to look.


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