Do we need this junk?

Julian Elischer julian at
Fri Apr 6 18:56:08 UTC 2007

Nikolas Britton wrote:

> Where is this coming from? I'm trying to debate some of the issues
> with FreeBSD and the only thing you've added to this thread is fuck
> off? Why?

ok, (takes deep breath)
Almost every time we make a change to teh OS we make a dicision, not only
about the new feature, but about compatibility issues and legacy support.
Yes there are some (very small) things that we might not be able to take
advantage of by supporting old hardware but by and large we attempt
to allow the OS to run on old and new hardware, and makign sure that
the new features are availaible. That is why all these things are
optional and can be selected in or out of a system.

I think some of the frustration people have shown with you is because
you don't seem to appreciate how much this issue is constantly thought
about and how the current state is not just an "accident of history".

We have a LOT  of old systems running around the world.

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