Do we need this junk?

Scott Long scottl at
Thu Apr 5 22:48:09 UTC 2007

Julian H. Stacey wrote:
> imp at, piso at
> cc: FreeBSD Current <freebsd-current at>
> I have an (EISA ?) 1742A if any developer needs it for bug chasing.
> It's a full length card.  Maybe it exhibits same problems as a 1542A ?
> I found it while looking to offer my old 1542A, re below

The 1742 and 1542 use completely different chips, IIRC.  In any case, 
Warner is exactly correct that the 1542A was an early rev with unique
problems and that it's not representative of the 1542B or C revs.

Jeez, how much traffic is the original idiot poster going to make us


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