Intel 3945ABG

Vince jhary at
Tue Apr 3 10:51:41 UTC 2007

yal wrote:
> Hi,
> may be Florent Thoumie could help us better understand what's going on.
> And for how long native support for intel 3945abg wifi cards will be
> unavailable on FreeBSD 7.
> Bergamini's wpi module won't be loaded by the new -CURRENT kernels.
I have the feeling Florent has his work cut out with other projects such
as modular X and other ports related work, (although I see he did some
work on the perforce wpi driver.) I think the project he was working on
was getting the firmwares relicensed rather than developing the wpi
driver directly. Of course i'd be happy to be proved wrong.


> --   --
> San Jose, CA March 7, 2007 -- The inclusion of firmware for popular Intel
> wireless devices means that users of FreeBSD will have native wireless
> support for many Centrino-branded Intel PRO/Wireless devices without
> downloading additional software. This approval includes firmware for the
> Intel 2100, 2200BG, 2225BG, 2915ABG, and the 3945ABG devices.
> "These changes have already been committed to the development branch of
> the FreeBSD source code repository except for firmware for the 3945ABG,
> which is expected to happen fairly soon once that driver is ready for
> inclusion," said Florent Thoumie, a FreeBSD developer working on this
> project.
> In order to use the firmware provided by Intel, FreeBSD users must first
> agree with the license. FreeBSD developers have added a simple mechanism
> to the operating system to agree to the license by defining an easy-to-use
> system variable.
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> On Tue, April 3, 2007 10:22, Sam Fourman Jr. wrote:
>> Thank you for your Feedback
>>  I never Tried it in -current I ran 6.2 Stable, Benjamin Close is
>> working on a Driver however he hasn't updated his site in over a

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