TCP sessions hanging in FIN_WAIT_1?

Andre Oppermann andre at
Mon Apr 2 09:58:04 UTC 2007

Barrett Lyon wrote:
> I've been testing CURRENT for a bit and with a thousands of short  lived 
> HTTP sessions, CURRENT hangs most of the sessions in FIN_WAIT_1  status 
> until the machine runs out of resources and causes the network  stack to 
> stop performing.  The HTTP daemon I am playing with is  lighttpd-1.4.13, 
> and I don't see this happening on any of the 6.2  test machines I run.
> There's nothing unusual about the build other than the interface card  
> running the mxge driver.  Has anyone else seen reports of this?  I  have 
> seen this behavior on all source up to today's tree.

Are you running a pure GENERIC kernel or do you have any other modifications?
What about firewall packages (ipfw, pf, ipfilter)?


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