Will these new features make it into 7.0?

Chuck Swiger cswiger at mac.com
Sun Apr 1 04:26:03 UTC 2007

Harrison Grundy wrote:
> Tiffany Snyder wrote:
>> Kris,
>>    would you be able to elaborate more on why DTrace has ben
>> suspended due to non-technical reasons - basically what the issue? I
>> seen a few from -current offering to help. I just saw another email on
>> this very topic on the OpenSolaris dtrace mailing list.
>>    Tiffany.
> As I understand it, its an issue with some of Sun's header files, and 
> the CDDL.
> I'm working on a clean re-implimentation of these, but there's currently 
> no ETA on when this will be accomplished, or even if this will be 
> sufficent.

Has anyone asked Sun whether they would dual-license the needed header files 
under a BSD-friendly license?  Or whether they would publish the APIs via an 
RFC so that you could easily re-implement against that as a published spec? 
Sun's released lots of things like XDR and NFS via RFCs, so it's at least not 
unprecedented.  :-)

Anyone know Casper Dik well?


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