David Xu davidxu at
Fri Mar 31 08:24:28 UTC 2006

在 Thursday 30 March 2006 18:55,Dag-Erling Smørgrav Wrote:

> At the tail end of two days spent immersed in libthr, I sniped at you
> on -committers.  That was wrong.  I understand that you were insulted.
> I compounded my mistake by not apologizing immediately.  I'm not
> trying to defend that.
> To spell it out plainly, for the record: David, what I wrote to you on
> -committers was unfair and unprofessional, and I apologize.
> However, I do not understand how things developed from there.  I tried
> to start a technical discussion with you on -threads, explaining what
> I thought was wrong with libthr, hoping that you would understand my
> concerns, and hoping to work with you to correct and improve the code.
> This did not work out.  Perhaps you had already made up your mind to
> leave; perhaps you were too hurt to read anything but insult into
> anything I wrote.
> I am not trying to rush you, as you implied, and I would not commit my
> patch without your approval; if I did, I'd be out on my arse faster
> than you can say "backout war", and with good reason.
> ...

I accept your apology, it is not my intention to keep so long time without
an clear answer, I just was a bit sad.
I received lots of mail (many are in private), thanks everyone who sent mail 
to me and gave me very good comments, most are encouragement,
philosophic ideas.

David Xu

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