FreeBSD nss, getgroupmembership(3)

Frode Nordahl frode at
Sun Mar 5 21:45:49 UTC 2006


I have been playing around with nss and libc this weekend to find  
ways to make nss_ldap work more efficiently by coupling getgrouplist 
(3) with _nss_ldap_initgroups_dyn.

I discovered that making getgrouplist(3) play with nss was impossible  
without creating a new API.

By coincidence I found that NetBSD has created the infrastructure  
needed to make this a reallity allready! In NetBSD getgrouplist(3) is  
now a front-end for getgroupmembership(3).

Is there any chance for FreeBSD to get an updated import of NSS from  
NetBSD anytime soon? :-)

Frode Nordahl
frode at

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