Importing iSCSI target from NetBSD

Doug White dwhite at
Sun Jun 4 00:50:35 UTC 2006

On Mon, 29 May 2006, Maxim Sobolev wrote:

> Scott,
> It seems that you aren't aware that Intel/NetBSD implementation is completely 
> userland one and it uses any block device/file as backing store (no 
> interaction with CAM). Therefore, it won't interfere with whatever work you 
> and others do in the CAM area.

For the record, this driver _is_ in-kernel and does attach to CAM, if you 
want a comparison point:

I've compiled a prior version of this and it appears to work, but haven't 
run any sort of test with it.

I've wanted to play with iSCSI targets on FreeBSD but have lacked the 
requisite test equipment. One of these days I'll get the hour or two I 
need to put together a test rig.

> -Maxim
> Scott Long wrote:
>> Maxim Sobolev wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I wonder if anybody has any objections to importing iSCSI target daemon 
>>> from NetBSD (Intel) into the base.
>>> -Maxim
>> Yes.  I'm nearing completion of locking CAM, and adding new subsystems is 
>> not going
>> to help that effort at the moment.  I'd also like you to talk with Matt 
>> Jacob and Nate Lawson
>> about it since they have quite a bit of current experience with the SCSI 
>> target side of things.
>> So in other words, a drive-by commit is not welcome and will be drive-by 
>> uncommitted unless
>> you work with the people who can provide help and guidance.
>> Scott
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