boot block differences between 4.x and 6.x ?

Scott Long scottl at
Tue Jan 31 06:44:03 PST 2006

Luigi Rizzo wrote:
> maybe some of you know the answer here...
> the revised picobsd script (attached here, it uses
> sysutils/makefs instead of vnconfig/mdconfig so it can
> run as a non privileged user) that i was using to
> create images with the 4.11 boot blocks (boot1 and boot2),
> does not seem to work anymore with the boot blocks
> taken from 6.0 (and so, -current as well).
> When i force it to use the 4.x boot blocks, all is fine,
> and the picobsd.bin produced (built on 6.0 using 7-current
> sources) boots fine on qemu.
> I am a bit puzzled on what could be the relevant change in boot1/boot2
> could have caused the loss of functionality.
> If that matters, picobsd bypasses /boot/loader and goes straight
> to boot /kernel (the name is patched into the boot block,
> but it does not matter because the new blocks do not
> even get to the point of showing the 'missing /boot/loader'
> error message).
> does anyone know where should i look at ?
> 	thanks
> 	luigi

The big difference is that the boot blocks grew significantly to
support UFS2.


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