xorg 6.9.0 mem leak

Jason Evans jasone at freebsd.org
Mon Jan 30 11:54:18 PST 2006

[Apologies for the duplicate email; mailman didn't let the mail  
through the first time, due to using the wrong From address.]

On Jan 30, 2006, at 6:28 AM, Randy Bush wrote:
>> The new malloc implementation still it is going to be perfected,
>> in my station:
>> Xorg increase +/- 40%
>> Firefox increase +/- 60%
>> Amule increase +/- 30%
>>        I not recompile this ports after world.
>> Ricardo A. Reis
>> Unix and Network Admin
> let me be more clear.  this is a leak, not an increase.
> if i leave the system untouched (and it's a laptop which runs no
> net services), memory use by xorg (shown by top) slowly goes from
> under 100m to 500m in four hours.  and it keeps going until it
> starts to swap.  and it keeps going until it crashes the system.
> and this is new with build and portupgrade of 2006.01.23, a week
> ago.

On 25 January, I checked in some malloc changes that fix some severe  
fragmentation problems.  Can you please try with a newer libc, and  
see if the problem persists?


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