xorg 6.9.0 mem leak

Randy Bush randy at psg.com
Mon Jan 30 06:28:55 PST 2006

> The new malloc implementation still it is going to be perfected, 
> in my station:
> Xorg increase +/- 40%
> Firefox increase +/- 60%
> Amule increase +/- 30%
>        I not recompile this ports after world.
> Ricardo A. Reis
> Unix and Network Admin

let me be more clear.  this is a leak, not an increase.

if i leave the system untouched (and it's a laptop which runs no
net services), memory use by xorg (shown by top) slowly goes from
under 100m to 500m in four hours.  and it keeps going until it
starts to swap.  and it keeps going until it crashes the system.

and this is new with build and portupgrade of 2006.01.23, a week


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