[TEST/REVIEW] CPU accounting patches

Garance A Drosihn drosih at rpi.edu
Fri Jan 27 11:01:47 PST 2006

At 12:39 PM -0600 1/27/06, Mullen, Adam wrote:
>Lets see here though, how many of us have a 100 node beowulf
>cluster who use FreeBSD daily?  I know I don't!

That isn't the question I am answering.

The question was "Who in their right mind users power saving
features on a server OS?".  And the answer is "People who
run LOTS of servers".

That is all.  I'm not saying *you* have to run power-saving
features.  I am saying that there are people who use a SERVER
operating system, and who have very good ($$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$)
reasons to care about power consumption.  People who on the
one hand do want infinite CPU power, but still have to balance
that desire with the monthly bill for energy and cooling.

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