[TEST/REVIEW] CPU accounting patches

Mike Jakubik mikej at rogers.com
Fri Jan 27 00:50:22 PST 2006

Kevin Oberman wrote:
> Good accounting is very important to some, but the issue of dealing with 
> reduced clock speed is almost certainly of no issue when it comes to charging 
> for computer use. I can't imagine any reason someone would be paying for CPU 
> time on a processor not running "full out".
> The only time that this might be an issue is when thermal management takes 
> over. I'd hope that thermal management would never kick in on a commercial 
> compute server, but, if it did, the customer should, at least, only pay for 
> the number of seconds the job would have run had it been properly cooled. 
> (Actually, he should probably pay less as his time is also being wasted.)

As a user from the 2.x days, i would much rather have the great increase 
of context switching performance than super accurate cpu accounting that 
i will never use. FreeBSD needs to focus on performance now.

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