HEADS UP: pts code committed

Alexander Leidinger Alexander at Leidinger.net
Thu Jan 26 00:40:50 PST 2006

Robert Watson <rwatson at freebsd.org> wrote:

> On Thu, 26 Jan 2006, Olivier Houchard wrote:
>> Robert Watson and myself have been working on a pts implementation, 
>> ala SysV/linux, for quite some time, and it finally went into the 
>> source tree. It does not replace the BSD-style pty however, and one 
>> can switch from one implementation to another by changing the 
>> kern.pts.enable sysctl. It defaults to the BSD-style ptys. It is not 
>> supposed to break anything, old program which only know about the 
>> BSD ptys should still work fine. however if it does, or if any other 
>> pts-related bug hurts you, please report it to me.
> Just as an FYI for why this is useful.  With this implementation, we get:

- Allows more linux programs to work. AFAIR I was told the Mathematica
developers specially added code to not bail out if no pts device was
available (but I mey remember a detail wrongly...).

> - Can run side-by-side with the old pty driver so that applications expecting
>   hunt-and-peck lookup of a new pty, old pty names, and old pty security
>   properties can still get it.  This means old binaries, even statically
>   linked, can continue to run.

"Can" as in "you have to enable it", or as in "does already by default"?

> - Sysctl to indicate to recent libc what type of pty to use -- presumably the
>   default will change after lots of exposure, testing, and review.

So the sysctl is only for libc and we're encouraged to test the use of the
"pts by default" mode?


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