MySql and timekeeping?

Robert Watson rwatson at
Wed Jan 25 09:55:41 PST 2006

On Wed, 25 Jan 2006, Christopher Arnold wrote:

> some time ago there was some discussions regarding MySql and timekeeping.
> There was some ideas of using lower resolution when doing timekeeping to 
> keep the timekeeping cost down. Has anything been done in this area?
> Or should we stick to using Linux as our MySql platform?
> While we are at it, have anyone done a recent comparison of the MySql 
> performance under Linux and FreeBSD?

I added new clock_gettime() variants that allow retrieval of a low accuracy 
low granularity on -CURRENT, time stamp at low cost.  I also wrote a small 
wrapper library to allow people to compare before/after with various 
benchmarks.  I never really heard back from anyone authoritatively.  phk has 
also been circulating patches that reduce general CPU accounting measurement 
in the CPU by switching to a different definition of CPU time, which should 
also affect MySQL significantly, especially when running the MySQL benchmark 
client and server on the same hardware.

Robert N M Watson

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