if_flags usage etc.

Andre Oppermann andre at freebsd.org
Wed Jan 25 00:15:20 PST 2006

Milan Obuch wrote:
> On Wednesday 25 January 2006 08:56, Andre Oppermann wrote:
>>sthaug at nethelp.no wrote:
>>>>We should probably better document the interface "interface". if we are
>>>>going to (as Sam suggests)
>>>>do some cleanups we might as well consider what other changes should be
>>>>put in at the same time.
> ...
>>>- One feature sorely missed (which I use a lot in my daily work with
>>>hardware based routers) is the ability to associate a "description"
>>>field with each interface.  Note that this should be available both
>>>for physical interfaces (Ethernet etc.) and for logical interfaces
>>>(e.g. vlan).
>>Struct ifnet is the same for all kinds of interfaces, so any change
>>would make it available for everyone.  And yes, this looks like a useful
> See archives - mailing list freebsd-net, Nov 25. 2005, subject ifconfig 
> description.

Interesting.  Ideally it would not use a static sized buffer for the description
but a pointer in struct ifnet to a malloc()ed block of memory.  This would allow
for arbitrary sized descriptions.  Haven't looked at the difficulties implementing
the this for the userland/kernel crossing though.


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