FreeBSD 4.9 won't upgrade ? [solution]

Jim Keller freebsd at
Tue Jan 24 00:40:02 PST 2006

On a suggestion from Andrew Atrens (thanks!), I checked to verify that 
my boot and root partitions were in sync, and, as it turns out, they 
weren't. The kernel was loading from ad0, but my system is located on a 
3ware device, twe0. ad0 was an old BSD install that made its way into 
the system as an extra drive (I hadn't concerned myself with it since 
this machine is not in production anyway), and the kernel was loading 
from that one. I went into my BIOS and got rid of the IDE hard drive 
from the boot device list, forcing it to boot from the SCSI first. 
Everything came up correctly after that, my system and kernel are now in 

-Jim Keller

Jim Keller wrote:
> Hey all,
>    I have a FreeBSD 4.9 machine here that simply doesn't want to 
> upgrade, though the buildworld/installworld process seems to go 
> successfully. I'm just trying to go to 4.11 at the moment. I've done 
> the installworld process on more than a few machines before without 
> any problems (following the steps outlined in the handbook). However, 
> on this machine, I go through the whole process, and although it does 
> appear to recompile the system (my openssl went from the original 
> distro to the newest version, for example), uname -a is still 
> reporting the distro as 4.9-RELEASE. Also, it will not install a 
> custom kernel, it always goes to GENERIC, even when I specify 
> KERNCONF= in the buildkernel process. I've CVSUP'd my source twice 
> (currently my tag is RELENG_4_11) and run the whole process twice, 
> including starting with removing /usr/obj and doing a double make 
> cleandir in /usr/src. Any ideas? Thanks.
> -Jim Keller
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