kernel thread as real threads..

M. Warner Losh imp at
Mon Jan 23 19:01:45 PST 2006

In message: <43D56E79.60504 at>
            Julian Elischer <julian at> writes:
: > - fork (although davidxu is changing that)
: well, the operation woudll continue for the parent only I woudl assume.
: > (although davidxu is changing that) 
: I'm not convinced that that multiple threads should be allowed to 
: proceed during a fork
: but I can see that not allowing it is more a "foot shooting avoidance" 
: than a requirement.
: it could be allowed that if you do a fork and allow multipel threads to 
: runat the same time
: and end up with an inconsistant address space in the child, then you get 
: what you deserve.
: :-)

Why not?  It is a race no matter what...  And if you do single thread
things, you can run into a bunch of different dead-lock scenarios.  I
helped to find one recently with nfs.


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