-CURRENT freeze at boot after update

Nicolas Blais nb_root at videotron.ca
Mon Jan 23 18:02:37 PST 2006

> > I spoke briefly to sos@ about it, and he has been unable to reproduce
> > this, so someone with time / knowledge should dig deeper and send him a
> > mail with the findings.
> The only thing that comes to mind is the below patch, please try that
> out and let me know. However that way the legacy ports (those stuck at
> irq14 & irq15) cannot share interrupt with *anything*, which I did want
> to fix as a side effect of this actually...
> -Søren

Hi, sorry for the wait.

I recompiled my kernel with your patch, unfortunatly it does nothing to 
prevent the freeze.  

If you have any patches, I'm willing to try it.


FreeBSD 7.0-CURRENT #2: Mon Jan 23 17:24:42 EST 2006     
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