kernel thread as real threads..

Robert Watson rwatson at
Mon Jan 23 15:28:28 PST 2006

On Mon, 23 Jan 2006, Julian Elischer wrote:

> it would be no different from when a threaded process exits now..
> With the current setup you have a whole set of worries about what to do 
> about the thread responds when the process has already died.  These worries 
> are aqctually simplified if the thread is part of the process. (at least I 
> believe this to be the case).

It would be good to know what the aio specs say (and what real applications 
expect) to happen on the current set of "single threading" events:

- exec
- fork (although davidxu is changing that)
- exit

And any others I don't remember.  We may find we need to perform an aio drain 
wait there if we switch to doing AIO in the process context.

Robert N M Watson

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