memory corruption in recent -current?

John-Mark Gurney gurney_j at
Sun Jan 22 11:42:35 PST 2006

I've been working on a BT878 audio driver (first crack is available
in p4), and with a recent -current (you can sync to my -current as
it's the one in my workspace, jmg_carbon), I get memory corruption:
Memory modified after free 0xc2fb1050(12) val=1c @ 0xc2fb1050
panic: Most recently used by ioctlops
Memory modified after free 0xc2ba2b90(12) val=1c @ 0xc2ba2b90
panic: Most recently used by Unitno

I went back to a kerenl that is pre-Dec 21st, and I haven't had a single
panic yet.  I will admit I haven't done a builtworld between the these
two (the last buildworld matched with the pre-Dec 21st kernel)...  I am
using kld modules for my testing, so I was building modules against an
old world, but I don't know of anything that has changed that would
cause problems..

Anyone else seeing this?

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