kernel thread as real threads..

David Xu davidxu at
Fri Jan 20 03:17:19 PST 2006

Scott Long wrote:

> For 1:1 threading is does make a little more sense.  We'd have to come 
> up with a way
> to accurately express whether the thread accounting stats are 
> meaningful or not depending
> on which library is in use.  Adding to the complexity would be that 
> KSE can create system
> and process scope threads, and that system scope threads behave mostly 
> like 1:1 threads.
> If someone wants to tackle all of this, that would be great, but my 
> only request would be
> that it can't sacrifice clarity in one library over another library.
> Scott
It has already  sacrificed 1:1 libthr,  I had set libthr default to be 
process scope thread,
so all kernels  in same ksegrp are trying to use kg_user_pri for its 
userland priority.
I saw very strange scheduler behavior, I may revert it to use system 
scope as default

David Xu

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