Typical malloc-related application bugs

Joe Marcus Clarke marcus at FreeBSD.org
Thu Jan 19 23:22:58 PST 2006

On Thu, 2006-01-19 at 23:10 -0800, Jason Evans wrote:
> Overall, the malloc changeover has been pretty uneventful.  Now that  
> jemalloc has seen a bit wider exposure, I thought it might be useful  
> to summarize the types of application bugs that it has been uncovering.

First let me say that jemalloc has found quite a few bugs in GNOME
applications that were not spotted with phkmalloc+AJ.  I only wish those
bugs had not been there to begin with :-}.


> 2) Out-of-bounds writes.  Lots of programs have been found to write  
> past the end of the space they allocate.  At the moment, jemalloc's  
> redzone code is enabled, so these errors are causing messages to  
> stderr that look like:
> 	ifconfig: (malloc) Corrupted redzone 1 byte after 0xa000150 (size  
> 18) (0x0)
> In at least one case (running f2c while building the math/arpack  
> port), these overruns would have caused actual malloc data structure  
> corruption, had redzones not been enabled.

I'm seeing a lot of this when I run gnome-system-monitor.  There appears
to be a bug in libgtop, but I don't know how to make these messages
fatal in order to produce a backtrace I can use to narrow down where the
problem lies.  What can I do to isolate where in the code the redzone
corruption is occurring?

Additionally, do you have any example code that produces this kind of
redzone corruption?  Thanks.


Joe Marcus Clarke
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