Newly developed mailling list search engine needs testing

Choy Kho Yee k-choy at
Thu Jan 19 22:08:06 PST 2006

Hi, everybody.

Firstly, let me introduce myself. I am Choy Kho Yee, an comp. sci.
undergraduate student in Osaka University. For my final year thesis, I
have developed a mailing list archive management system called "MLwiki".

The name MLwiki is made up from the words "Mailing List" and "Wiki". It
was developed to overcome some weaknesses of the existing mailing list
archiving and searching system and to combine the power of wiki and the
huge amount of information in the mailing list archive. With MLwiki, it
is hoped that users can get the information they want faster and easier.
More information about MLwiki is available on the main page of this
system, which is located at


The questionnaire

Please read the introduction on the main page before testing the system
as it provides some vital information to fully utilize MLwiki. After
testing out the system, I would be glad if you can help me out by
filling in the questionnaire about this system, which can be accessed
through the above address or from MLwiki's main page.

Please understand that MLwiki is in its early stage of development and
therefore there might be many bugs hidden in it. Bugs reports are
welcome. And please remember that this system is still in an
experimental stage, all changes you submit might be lost in the future
release. But do feel free to test around. This website will be available
until 10 February 2006. Accessibility after that will be re-considered
depends on the response and the condition of the system.

Thanks a lot.

Choy Kho Yee
E-mail: k-choy at ics dot es dot osaka-u dot ac dot jp

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