kernel thread as real threads..

Julian Elischer julian at
Thu Jan 19 18:56:18 PST 2006

some progrsss..
as the first few lines show, it's not quite perfect yet but it's most of 
the way there..
(Like proc 1 isn't init)

SMP: AP CPU #1 Launched!
SMP: AP CPU #2 Launched!
SMP: AP CPU #3 Launched!
panic: blockable sleep lock (sleep mutex) buffer daemon lock @ 
cpuid = 2
KDB: enter: panic
[thread pid 0 tid 100051 ]
Stopped at      kdb_enter+0x2b: nop    
db> ps
  pid   proc     uid  ppid  pgrp  flag   stat  wmesg    wchan  cmd
    1 c7cb1000    0     0     0 0000200 [SLPQ g_waitidle 
0xc07239ec][SLP] swapper
    0 c0723c40    0     0     0 0000288 (threaded)  swapper
   thread 0xc7d6a340 ksegrp 0xc7cb0960 [RUNQ] schedcpu
   thread 0xc7d6a4e0 ksegrp 0xc7cb09c0 [RUNQ] nfsiod 3
   thread 0xc7d6a680 ksegrp 0xc7cb0a20 [RUNQ] nfsiod 2
   thread 0xc7d6a820 ksegrp 0xc7cb0a80 [RUNQ] nfsiod 1
   thread 0xc7d6a9c0 ksegrp 0xc7cb0ae0 [CPU 3] nfsiod 0
   thread 0xc7d6ab60 ksegrp 0xc7cb0b40 [CPU 1] syncer
   thread 0xc7d6ad00 ksegrp 0xc7cb0ba0 [CPU 0] vnlru
   thread 0xc7e42000 ksegrp 0xc7cb0c00 [CPU 2] bufdaemon
   thread 0xc7e421a0 ksegrp 0xc7cb0c60 [RUNQ] pagezero
   thread 0xc7e42340 ksegrp 0xc7cb0cc0 [SLPQ psleep 0xc077f79c][SLP] 
   thread 0xc7e424e0 ksegrp 0xc7cb0d20 [SLPQ psleep 0xc077f75c][SLP] 
   thread 0xc7e42680 ksegrp 0xc7cb0d80 [IWAIT] swi0: sio
   thread 0xc7e42820 ksegrp 0xc7cb0de0 [IWAIT] irq12: psm0
   thread 0xc7d009c0 ksegrp 0xc7cb0e40 [IWAIT] irq1: atkbd0
   thread 0xc7d00b60 ksegrp 0xc7cb0ea0 [SLPQ fdcrst 0xc7cfce00][SLP] fdc0
   thread 0xc7d00d00 ksegrp 0xc7dd9000 [IWAIT] irq20: fxp0
   thread 0xc7d69000 ksegrp 0xc7dd9060 [IWAIT] irq29: bge1
   thread 0xc7d691a0 ksegrp 0xc7dd90c0 [IWAIT] irq28: bge0
   thread 0xc7d69340 ksegrp 0xc7caf000 [SLPQ aifthd 0xc7d69340][SLP] aac0aif
   thread 0xc7d694e0 ksegrp 0xc7caf060 [SLPQ usbtsk 0xc0723404][SLP] usbtask
   thread 0xc7d69680 ksegrp 0xc7caf0c0 [SLPQ usbdly 0xe82ebcf4][SLP] usb0
   thread 0xc7d69820 ksegrp 0xc7caf120 [IWAIT] irq5: ohci0
   thread 0xc7d699c0 ksegrp 0xc7caf180 [IWAIT] irq15: ata1
   thread 0xc7d69b60 ksegrp 0xc7caf1e0 [IWAIT] irq14: ata0
   thread 0xc7d69d00 ksegrp 0xc7caf240 [IWAIT] irq9: acpi0
   thread 0xc7d6a000 ksegrp 0xc7caf2a0 [IWAIT] swi5: +
   thread 0xc7cb24e0 ksegrp 0xc7caf300 [SLPQ - 0xc7d68200][SLP] thread taskq
   thread 0xc7cb2680 ksegrp 0xc7caf360 [SLPQ - 0xc7d68280][SLP] acpi_task_2
   thread 0xc7cb2820 ksegrp 0xc7caf3c0 [SLPQ - 0xc7d68280][SLP] acpi_task_1
   thread 0xc7cb29c0 ksegrp 0xc7caf420 [SLPQ - 0xc7d68280][SLP] acpi_task_0
   thread 0xc7cb2b60 ksegrp 0xc7caf480 [IWAIT] swi6: Giant taskq
   thread 0xc7cb2d00 ksegrp 0xc7caf4e0 [IWAIT] swi6: task queue
   thread 0xc7d00000 ksegrp 0xc7caf540 [SLPQ - 0xc7d68500][SLP] kqueue taskq
   thread 0xc7d001a0 ksegrp 0xc7caf5a0 [IWAIT] swi2: cambio
   thread 0xc7d00340 ksegrp 0xc7caf600 [SLPQ - 0xc0721400][SLP] yarrow
   thread 0xc7d004e0 ksegrp 0xc7caf660 [SLPQ - 0xc0723b3c][SLP] g_down
   thread 0xc7d00680 ksegrp 0xc7caf6c0 [SLPQ - 0xc0723b38][SLP] g_up
   thread 0xc7d00820 ksegrp 0xc7caf720 [SLPQ fdwait 0xc7e47a00][SLP] g_event
   thread 0xc7cae1a0 ksegrp 0xc7caf780 [IWAIT] swi3: vm
   thread 0xc7cae340 ksegrp 0xc7caf7e0 [IWAIT] swi4: clock sio
   thread 0xc7cae4e0 ksegrp 0xc7caf840 [IWAIT] swi1: net
   thread 0xc7cae680 ksegrp 0xc7caf8a0 [Can run] idle: cpu0
   thread 0xc7cae820 ksegrp 0xc7caf900 [Can run] idle: cpu1
   thread 0xc7cae9c0 ksegrp 0xc7caf960 [Can run] idle: cpu2
   thread 0xc7caeb60 ksegrp 0xc7caf9c0 [Can run] idle: cpu3
   thread 0xc0723e80 ksegrp 0xc0723be0 [IWAIT]

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