Jails QOS.

Milan Obuch current at dino.sk
Thu Jan 19 04:00:30 PST 2006

On Thursday 19 January 2006 12:32, Ricardo A. Reis wrote:
> Julian,
> > it seems from reading it that openVZ is closer to:
> > Marco Zec's "Vimage" project ( http://www.tel.fer.hr/zec/vimage/ )
> > than to plain jails.
>    When a many numbers of the vimage caused performance degradation? I
> have a plan to introduce a many jails for VPS (Virtual Private Server)
> in University, but i have large DB with this is possible scale one or
> more vimage?

There are some number on Marko's page showing performance degradation 
somewhere around 1 %, if my memory is not accidentally overwritten :)

> > I would like to be able to work out how to make vimage "extensible"
> > and suitable for
> > inclusion in a production system because it is very cool.
>     Introduce this project in default system is very like, i like the
> work on this but i don't have more time for another's projects.

I would like really badly to get something like vimages too, however, I could 
only test patches if they are available. Otherwise I need to maintain old 
4.11 with vimages for some time...


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