Jails QOS.

Ricardo A. Reis ricardo_bsd at yahoo.com.br
Thu Jan 19 03:32:40 PST 2006

> it seems from reading it that openVZ is closer to:
> Marco Zec's "Vimage" project ( http://www.tel.fer.hr/zec/vimage/ )
> than to plain jails.
   Thanks by the attention  on my question,

    After read this url i think  "it is that" :-), but this project is 
for old 4.x and  not is maintained by official FreBSD Project,
i don't like the use patch for many reason and one example is a patch 
for multiple ip address in jail 
    The virtualization is for me the unique path, reading the 
presentation in eurobsdcon 2002, i have a question ..

   When a many numbers of the vimage caused performance degradation ? I 
have a plan to introduce a many jails for VPS (Virtual Private Server)  
in University , but i have large DB with this is possible scale one or 
more vimage ?

> I would like to be able to work out how to make vimage "extensible" 
> and suitable for
> inclusion in a production system because it is very cool.
    Introduce this project in default system is very like , i like the 
work on this but i don't  have more time for another's projects.


Ricardo A. Reis
Unix and Network Admin


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