[PATCH] Support for large number of md(4) disks

dlm-fb at weaselfish.com dlm-fb at weaselfish.com
Wed Jan 18 16:14:33 PST 2006

"Wojciech A. Koszek" <dunstan at freebsd.czest.pl> wrote:
:  [1] cases in which total device number will change are as probable as
:  using more than 100 md(4) disks ;-) This is why I decided to use simple
:  request for a size and to do a request for md(4) list.

FWIW, to address the implicit ``no one would ever ....''  My employer
is currently planning on using several hundred (or more) md disks at a
time in an upcoming project.  We don't need to have all of the md
devices immediately available at boot, so fsck'ing the
relatively-small filesystems on them on demand would be much more
attractive than doing a single multi-terabyte check up front would be.
For various reasons, soft updates aren't a viable option for us right
now, so background fsck doesn't help.


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