Promise TX2300

Stefan Bethke stb at
Tue Jan 17 13:22:07 PST 2006

Am 17.01.2006 um 20:36 schrieb Jacky Jack:

> Stefan,
>  Sorry, what do you mean:
>> This is with a Promise BIOS from around a year ago.

The Promise BIOS only installs a handler if it detects at least one  
drive (as can be seen in the boot selection of the mainboard's BIOS).

If a drive is connected to the promise controller, the loader will  
reset/reboot when trying to boot from an ATA CD.

> I assume both booting from floppy and cdrom have the same symptoms  
> (reboots, etc..)?

I haven't tried booting from floppy, as the Promise controller is  
only used for additional disks, so I just pulled them for the install.


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