wpa not working with ndis?

Bill Paul wpaul at FreeBSD.ORG
Tue Jan 17 08:43:09 PST 2006

> Hey,
> I have my laptop using ndis with a d-link dwl-g650+

I don't know what chipset the dwl-g650+ has. You should show us what
pciconf -lv says so we can tell. (No, it doesn't matter what part number
the board distributor assigns: they keep switching chipsets so often it's
impossible to tell what the card really is until you plug it in.)

> i tested it using only nothing (means no wpa, no wep) - and this works  
> without problems.
> now, i configured wpa_supplicant to use wpa - so:
> on my 1st box, wpa_supplicant crashes the systems

Show us the crash log then.

> on my 2nd box, wpa does not do anything.

No, it does something. It just doesn't do what you want. You should
have run it with -d and recorded the debugging output for us to see,
instead of running it with -Bw.
> i start it using 'wpa_supplicant -indis0  -c/etc/wpa.conf -Bw

Try using "-D ndis" to force the use of the NDIS driver support
in wpa_supplicant. If you do this, you should also run "ndis_events -a"
before starting wpa_supplicant. (I'm assuming since you're posting on
freebsd-current that you're attempting this with -current. If not,
you should mention what version of FreeBSD you have. The -D ndis option
is available in FreeBSD 6.0 and later.)

If you really want to figure out what's wrong with the native BSD
support, you should run wpa_supplicant with -d like I said, save the
output, then post it here.


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