recent changes to libc on amd64

Goran Gajic ggajic at
Tue Jan 17 06:53:17 PST 2006


I have already tried - malloc.c 1.93, 1.94 and 1.95 seems to break 
joe and Xorg on amd64 (so far only two applications I have found not 
working). On i386 so far I haven't experienced such problems.
I have tried switching back to malloc.c 1.92 and I don't experience any 
problems on amd64. Running joe through gdb reports that it breaks 
somewhere in libncurses..


On Tue, 17 Jan 2006, Joseph Koshy wrote:

>> I don't know if  this is just amd64 related since it will take
>> me some time to rebuild on i386.
> We have a new malloc(3) in -current.  From /usr/src/UPDATING:
> 20060113:
>        libc's malloc implementation has been replaced.  This
>        change has the potential to uncover application bugs that
>        previously went unnoticed.  See the malloc(3) manual page
>        for more details.
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