Who Use ATA Driver with ata.ko KLDs ??? HELP

Søren Schmidt sos at FreeBSD.org
Sun Jan 15 09:21:18 PST 2006

q sm wrote:

>For FreeBSD 4.6
>I have to use my kernel without rebuild (my "usr/src" code lost
>unexpected and my individaul sources gone without backup :-<) which
>has been built for my Adeptec SCSI not for my current
>system,So what can i do?
>Any idear ?
>I had tried with mpt.ko with my Vmware and use LSI SCSI card,but when
>i build /sys/modules/ata make,nothing but messages full of losting .h
>.c files!
>So I tried to make it pass the error and got ata.ko atapci.ko ...
>:load kernel.user
>:load if_em.ko
>:load ata.ko
>:load atapci.ko
>pci0:<unknown PCI ATA .....>
>What should I do NEXT... ...
Use a generic kernel, ATA can't be loaded as module before FreeBSD-6.0..


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