Fast releases demand binary updates.. (Was: Release schedule for 2006 )

Eric Anderson anderson at
Fri Jan 13 04:51:39 PST 2006

Alexander Leidinger wrote:
> Eric Anderson <anderson at> wrote:
>> Mark Linimon wrote:
>>> You might find useful.
>> unresponsive.  Are those all people that volunteered to help 
>> developers trying to learn/contribute?
> Those are the people which offered to mentor for the SoC + some more. We
> asked all of the mentors listed on the SoC page if it's ok for them to 
> get
> added on the ideas list too. Additionally we asked some more people or 
> those
> other people told us they are willing to help. We didn't asked all 
> developers
> directly and we didn't added someone without asking him. 

Ok, well it sounds like it's what I was mentioning then.  I really like 
this projects page, it gives us wannabe hackers a place to look for cool 
ideas to tinker with. 


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